About us

In a Democracy is the brainchild of Stephen Lorimor and Jeff Cline, a married same-sex couple living in suburban New Jersey.

Stephen is a stay-at-home dad, a roller derby referee, a political wonk, and the brain behind the website. He does the bulk of the website programming, data entry, and blogging.

Jeff works as a programmer for a major investment bank. When time allows he does the website's CSS design and Javascript programming.

As married gay liberals, we're not exactly fans of Mitt Romney or Donald Trump. That being said, we are not designing a website that deliberately slants coverage in Democrats' favor. At least not number crunching regarding the polls -- Stephen's personal take in the news blogging may be another story. In 2004 we took great pride that we were accused of having a liberal bias (because we included Zogby polls) as well as a conservative bias (because we included Strategic Vision, Mason-Dixon, and Rasmussen polls). We believe this means we're doing our job right, and so this year we aim to continue our neutral coverage of the presidential race.

Neither of us are paid pollsters, professional politicians, statistical whizkids, out-of-work pundits, or the like. We have exactly one qualification to run this website: we built it.

We hope you enjoy our work. If you think our methodology is terrible, stick around anyway. We're happy to receive your e-mails that our site sucks.