About the site

In a Democracy is run by Stephen Lorimor and Jeff Cline. It originally began as Race2004.net (now closed), a website that tracked polls throughout the 2004 election year. Race2004 correctly predicted the winner in 49 out of 50 states (we botched Wisconsin) as well as Bush's overall win over Kerry.

Race2004 began as a pet project that grew in popularity as the election drew closer. On election day it crashed from a combination of Stephen's inefficient programming and thousands of people repeatedly reloading the site to view up-to-the-moment news and projections. The website was saved by our friend Willis Blackburn who reconfigured the server to deliver cached pages updated every five minutes.

We sat out the 2008 election to focus on other projects, but returned for the 2012 election year during which we correctly projected all 50 states. The data was eventually purged to update the site for 2016, and now we're covering yet another presidential race. The programming is far from excellent, but coding improvements (plus increased competition) means it shouldn't repeat Race2004's election day fiasco.

An explanation of the website's methodology is available.

We are funded entirely by donations from our user base. If you enjoy this site and want to support our efforts, please consider making a donation to keep this site running.